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Live Private Chats About Child Support

We recently began offering live, private chats with Hamilton County residents who have child support cases. This is a quick and convenient way to ask questions about your case.

We have offered public chats for several months now, but many people wanted case-specific information that was confidential and we could not put it out in the public domain. So, we developed a way to conduct one-on-one chats that are only seen by the client.

We have checked, and it looks like we are the first in Ohio to do something like this. We do not have a way to check if it is being done anywhere else in the country, but I have to believe we are among the few. This is one more step in being an accessible, progressive entity to the people we serve.


4 Responses

  1. Thank you for the question. Someone will contact you soon with a printout of your payment history.

  2. how do i go about getting an itemized statement regarding printouts of my ohio state taxes that were offset in other words i did not receive my state taxes due to an overpayment. This has been going on since 2003 and i know that the overpayment should have been paid off by now. I would like a print stating how long the agency has been taking my state taxes, how much they have taken each year, the total on how much they have taken and the balance on my overpayment.

  3. Thank you for the question. Printouts are not available online. You can call 946-7387 and request one.

  4. How can I get a printout of my benefits for the last 12 months online?

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