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Cost savings through efficiency

It is always important for government to be efficient. But it is even more important in an economy such as this.

At a time when our budget is tightening, we look even more for innovative and creative ideas that can save money. I’m proud that some of our employees have implemented a change to the thousands of child care vouchers we regularly distribute that should help us save significant dollars.

Previously, individual vouchers were mailed in separate envelopes to consumers. Now, up to eight vouchers for one consumer will be mailed in a single envelope – significantly reducing the mailing cost.

Instead of a three-part carbonless form, the voucher is now a single 8 ½ X 11 sheet of paper divided by perforations into three sections — again, a significant cost reduction. Copy A is returned to HCJFS; Copy B is kept by the provider and Copy C is for the consumer to keep.

This will provide a great deal of savings in material and postage. At a time like this, I am proud that our employees are taking the initiative to be good stewards of taxpayer money.


2 Responses

  1. Pat,

    We are not allowed to use money collected from unemployment to cover administrative fees associated with child support. This is spelled out in Ohio Revised Code 3121.07 (Section B1) and Ohio Advisory Code 101:12-50-10.8 (Section C2).

    Both state, in effect, “the CSEA may not impose the processing charge pursuant to section 3119.27 of the Revised Code with respect to any amounts withheld or deducted from unemployment compensation benefits pursuant to this rule.”

    I hope that helps.

  2. What the reasoning for not accepting payment for administrative fees from Unemployment compensation benefits. Is this rule ohio revised code or somehting of the like? I am curious as to why child support may be paid out of Unemployment Benefits, but administrative fees no. And yet all conversation regarding money owed is called child support but there is some distinction in the collection of these funds. Why? Can someone answer this question?

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