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A Plug for Super Jobs

A lot of people are out of work right now. This community is hurting.

I am surprised by how many people do not know about our one-stop employment center, the Super Jobs Center. We are very proud of the work they do there.

If you are out of work, this is the place to be. Job seekers can use the computers with internet access, copy machine, fax machine and job search resources.

They can also participate in job-readiness workshops that help with resume preparation, interview preparation, job-search help and other topics. You can receive career coaching and get the jump on job leads.

Most importantly, the Super Jobs Center has a relationship with many employers in the area. For example, Children’s Hospital Medical Center uses the Super Jobs Center extensively. Going through the Super Jobs Center will help you land jobs with key employers.

The Super Jobs is located at 1916 Central Parkway. You can learn more at www.superjobs.com. Good luck!


2 Responses

  1. I apologize for your trouble communicating with our agency. We are processing a record number of cases right now, but employees are taught that if they do not know the answer, they should get the caller to someone who does.

    You can find all of our jobs advertised on the Hamilton County website. Below is a link to the site. You will want to look for jobs titled Eligibility Technician. There are not any openings now, but they do come open frequently.

    Thanks for your interest.


  2. Ms Weir
    I was wondering how I could apply for work at your agency. I know you have workers who answer the phone. I live in Cincinnati and have 3 years prior experience working on the phone. I was a telephonic health coach and worked phone systems answering medical questions and questions about insurance benefits. I would to work for the medicaid hotline. I am disabled and have applied for disability but would love to see if i could work on the phone. I called the medicaid hotline 2 weeks ago and got a representative who could not answer a simple question. If this person works the hotline you guys need help. My question was do i need i referral to see a specialist if i have ohio medicaid and the physician has ohio medicaid she could not answer the question read me some brochure. she said i cant answer your question i have other callers so icalled back and giot another person who said if the dr takes ohio medicaid i dont need a referral. susan couldbt answer this. If she works the hotline then that is scary. or i could answer the phones in the cincinnati facility you know the 1000 number. Can you tell me where to look i tried ohio.gov or ohiojobs.gov and the job and family website i couldnt find anything. Can you give me some assitance

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