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Child Care Changes Coming

There are big changes in store for Ohio’s publicly funded child care system this year. Starting this spring, providers will be paid monthly by the State. They will sign agreements with the State and home providers will begin paying union dues. As time goes on, they will do more by computer and less by paper.

We are trying to get the word out so our providers and parents are aware. Please click here for more information.


4 Responses

  1. Thank you for your question, Crystal. Hamilton County providers will be paid in April. The Hamilton County Job and Family Services check date of 4/15/10 will occur as planned. The last check from HCJFS will be issued on 4/29/10, but is dependent on providers having completed an Agreement with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and signing an Memorandum of Understanding with HCJFS. Agreements must be submitted through the ODJFS provider portal.

    As you know by now, these changes are driven at the state level, and, in many cases, out of our hands. But we are trying to be as helpful as possible and minimize the effects on our providers.


  2. hello, i just wanted too know what date will my pay checks stop,and when will it begin again. so that i can see how i can pay my bills.please pay us in april so that way i can buget my money and pay 1st months rent for april.and be prepared to not have any money for may,but that will be ok because i pray i can do this,but need aprils pay checks. please help us

  3. Many of the changes, including the change in when providers will be paid, will take place starting April 1. I understand your concerns. This will take some getting used to. And, right now, there are still unanswered questions. While the state is actually instituting these changes, we are trying to be as helpful as possible to our providers. If you have a question, please call 946-1800. We will do our best to answer.

  4. I am searching for a date for this change, so I can prepare the best I can.The change to being paid monthly is going to be an extreme hardship for my Center! Since the decrease in fees last fall, one check covers 2 weeks of payroll with barely anything left over for expenses. There is no cushion. I will have to get a loan to cover the next two weeks of payroll and food. Then when the ‘big’ check comes, I will have to pay back the loan, and cover the next 4 weeks! PLEASE tell me when this is going to happen. Thank you.

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