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Hamilton County Highlights Child Available for Adoption

Every month, we highlight one of our children who is available for adoption. We try to do it in many ways, but, we may miss some of you, so this month I am adding it to my blog.

We have more than 200 children available for adoption. Many are older. Our pre-teens and teenagers need a family just as much as our younger children. If you are at all interested in adoption, please visit our website, www.hckids.org for information on all of our chidlren.

Here’s some information on the latest child to be highlighted:

A 12-year-old girl who is thinking about a career in nursing is August’s Waiting Child at Hamilton County’s Department of Job and Family Services.

Hamilton County is spotlighting some of the children it has available for adoption with monthly releases to local media.

A bright and personable pre-teen, Jacqueline loves reading fiction books, going to the mall, or playing sports and games with her friends. Not only is she talented at school and in sports; on top of all of it, she’s also a great singer!

Her creative streak means she is equally happy making crafts or performing science lab experiments. Her interests span across a wide variety of activities, from skating and riding her bike, to reading or watching the latest Disney movie.

For more information on Jacqueline, or any Hamilton County chikldren available for adoption, visit www.hckids.org, call (513) 946-1000 or e-mail adoption@jfs.hamilton-co.org. Also, follow Hamilton County JFS Foster Care and Adoption recruitment on Facebook!


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