Former Foster Child Steps Up for Kin

Nice and inspiring Father’s Day story about an Ohio man who is doing what he can to help his family.


Celebration of Dreams

Bianca Graham, a foster teen who graduated from the School of Creative and Perfoming Arts, sings the national anthem at the Celebration of Dreams event.

Wonderful night last night with our 37 graduates. What an inspiration! Thank you to everyone who attended and those who support the event. Here’s a picture of the event. You can find more by “Liking” us on Facebook — Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services or Hamilton County JFS Adoption & Foster Care Recruitment. In fact, Like both of our sites!


37 Graduates Celebrate Overcoming Tough Obstacles on the way to Success

Tomorrow’s a big day as we will celebrate 37 foster teens graduating high school. This is always one of my favorite events because it gives us a chance to reward teens who have overcome tremendous obstacles and say thanks to those who helped them. The event is so full of hope and inspiration. But I always remind them, this is not an end, but a beginning. They have already shown they have the strength to persevere through tough times. Adulthood — often without a family — will bring a whole new set of problems. But they have experience to draw on.

Here’s more on the event: