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Child Support Changes

As of this week, the state has issued new criteria for our agency to follow when suspending driver’s licenses of parents who have neglected to make their child support payments. It is not much different than what we do now, but there are a few changes.

The new rules, developed in House Bill 153, will create uniform standards across all 88 Ohio counties.

By the way, suspending a license is something we really don’t want to do. We work with parents to avoid such things. But sometimes, when someone will not meet their obligation to their children, this is a necessary step.

In order for HCJFS to suspend a driver’s license, a parent will now have to have been in default for at least 90 days and have paid less than 50 percent of the total ordered obligation. A license alert letter will also be issued at least 14 days before the license is suspended.

To have a license reinstated, the parent must do one of the following:

– No longer be in default

– Pay the arrears in full

– Present evidence of an employer or account at financial institution from which HCJFS can draw payments

– Present evidence of an inability to work

– Comply with a written agreement to participate in an agency approved program

– Pay the balance of the total monthly obligation for the 90-day period prior to the suspension.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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