Update Newsletter Features Story on Document Imaging

The latest version of our Update newsletter contains stories on our improvements in processing public assistance applications, the state’s new child support portal, the need for mentors in our Higher Education Mentoring Initiative and our new document imaging service that should improve speed and accuracy when it comes to processing applications.

The document imaging system will upload important verification documents from consumers right into our computer system, attaching them to specific cases so they are forever available. This does away with paper case files that often sat on workers desks or in filing cabinets and were difficult to access. Now, anyone in the agency will be able to see a consumer’s verification documents with the click of a mouse.

This will make it easier to process applications and should eliminate the chance of lost documents.

To read more about the new system or any of the other stories I mentioned, click here to see our newsletter. If you would like to become a regular reader of HCJFS news, please subscribe!


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