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A Success Story Built on Love

I am very pleased to see the story of DJ McCollum has gone national. It is a remarkable story of what determination and true love can do for one of our children.

Here is the link of the story as it appeared in the Detroit Free Press. It was written by Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Mark Curnutte and appeared in the Enquirer last week.


We have been involved with DJ since he was 1 and an angry relative set his crib on fire. We have supported Pat McCollum first as a foster mother and then as an adoptive mother. She is a remarkable person who has done a tremendous job of caring for DJ. We wrote about her relationshop back in February 2010 in our Update Community newsletter:


We often have stories like this in our newsletters. Please sign up if you are interested.

And if you are interested in fostering or adopting some of our children, please visit www.HCKIDS.org to learn more about them. DJ is obviously a very special case and it took a very special person to come into his life. But we have children on all ends of the spectrum, many of whom need simply a loving home to thrive.

And congratulations to DJ and Pat! We are all very proud DJ has graduated and we wish him success!


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